Remembering Dr. Piermario Reale

Dr. Piermario Reale was a member of the board of directors of the Buzzi Unicem Foundation from its inception in 2003, and contributed to setting up its current management structure from an accounting and administrative point of view. Over the years he passionately studied the scarce literature available in order to better manage an array of issues within a regulatory framework – that of the Voluntary Sector – that is still little known and rapidly evolving.

With regard to the financing of approved projects, aside from fulfilling all the legal obligations (financial statements, forms, travel reports), he skilfully managed and mediated relations with the beneficiaries of the funding and with state officials in discussions that were often quite complex.

Until the end Piermario Reale participated in the life of the Foundation with great humanity, helpfulness, interest and a sense of belonging: it was an honour for him to be an active part and, in some ways, a source of guidance in the daily operations of our organisation, and with his mellow manner he was always there to offer an explanation, a piece of advice, a smile.
He leaves us the important legacy of his serious, tenacious, upright working style infused with sensitivity and attention to others, with whom he knew how to create an empathetic relationship, focused on the needs of each.