The evaluation of the response to chemotherapy and the correct staging are crucial aspects in oncology. More than 1000 CTs (computerized tomographies) of patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) are performed every year in the context of UFIM. 
The figure of expert radiologist dedicated to the pathology of MPM is fundamental for this pathology. Indeed, the evaluation of the response to the treatment of MPM is difficult and not immediate; moreover, a correct staging is necessary according to the new recent guidelines, and several interventional radiological procedures are often required with a particular expertise. 
Finally, as far as clinical studies are concerned, the dedicated radiologist is a required element in the medical and health staff, providing interpretation and management of data. Therefore, this project aims to offer, within the framework of UFIM, the activity of the figure of the dedicated radiologist, who is an indispensable added value in the routines of UFIM. 
Furthermore, this activity aims to spread the culture of specific mesothelioma imaging reporting through the radiologist's contact with colleagues to acquire the necessary tools and to proceed to the reporting of routine CTs using the new disease staging and the mRECIST criteria.