Together with the Cardioteam Foundation, in memory of Sandro Buzzi

The journey of Dulcinea continues! The boat is accompanying CARDIOTEAM - A SAIL FOR THE HEART in its heart screening campaign promoted by Cardioteam Foundation Onlus, in collaboration with the Italian Naval League, with the sponsorship of the Fondazione Buzzi Unicem and Fondazione San Donato.

Having set sail in September 2023 from Genoa, Dulcinea is circumnavigating Italy and, after having landed in the ports of Liguria, Tuscany and Lazio, it's now in Campania.

Over 1000 screenings have already been carried out free of charge to the population, in the ports of the coast but also in those of the Minor Islands, bringing the culture of prevention even where it is more difficult to access health services.

The prevention activity will continue until September 2024 to reduce the number of deaths caused by heart attacks and strokes which still represent the main causes of mortality and disability in Italy today.

Dulcinea is the boat equipped with a sonographer and wireless echocardiogram that tours Italy and will visit more than 30 ports in 12 months carrying out over 3000 free echocardiograms on subjects aged 50 to 75.

Getting on board is very easy.

For those between 50 and 75 years old and who want to undergo a free echocardiogram, it is necessary to book on the website The booking agenda is available in the days before landing in each port.
Everyone can contribute by donating one or more nautical miles on the Rete del Dono website, on the page dedicated to the project A way to be close to Cardioteam - A sail for the heart and blow on the sails of solidarity.
All people aged 50 to 75 who undergo an echocardiogram will receive the test results and a brochure on the lifestyle to adopt to prevent heart attack and stroke. In the Cardioteam Foundation Onlus tent, set up for about a week in each port of call, training will be given on nutrition, physical activity, control of blood pressure, diabetes and blood cholesterol.

Dr. Marco Diena, president of Cardioteam Foundation Onlus, states: “Prevention saves more than treatment! Cardiovascular diseases have the sad distinction of being the leading cause of death from heart attack and disability from stroke, surpassing all cancers combined. But heart disease is not a fatality, it can be detected and treated. No segment of the population is totally free from risk, not even young people. However, it is important for everyone to know that in addition to the non-modifiable risk factors, attributable to age, sex and family history, there are also the so-called modifiable ones, which depend exclusively on lifestyle. The objective of the Cardioteam - Una Vela per il Cuore tour is to bring the culture of prevention among the people to raise awareness as many people as possible. During each stage we distribute information material to everyone, so as to reach thousands of people, their friends and their families. We are particularly grateful to our sponsors who, with their precious contribution, allow Dulcinea to travel around Italy, bringing the culture of prevention to as many people as possible."

'Una vela per il cuore' intends to honor the memory of Ing. Sandro Buzzi, former administrator of Buzzi company and passionate sailor.

Dulcinea's journey can be followed on and on the Cardioteam Foundation's Instagram and Facebook pages.