5x1000 to the Buzzi Unicem Foundation - your contribution to support research


Donating the 5x1000 to the Buzzi Unicem Foundation is a simple gesture that can make the difference: with your contribution it will be possible to finance, in addition to those already in place, new projects for Mesothelioma Research. The 5x1000 designates a share of the IRPEF tax that the Italian State divides between entities that carry out socially relevant activities: if you wish to donate it to the Foundation, just find the section "Choice for the destination of the 5x1000" in your tax return (730 or UNICO) and put your signature in the box "Support for voluntary work and other non-profit organizations of social utility".
Under the signature it is necessary to report the tax code of the Foundation: 02007580067
In this way, your 5x1000 will be donated directly to the Buzzi Unicem Foundation and you too will be among the supporters of the great battle against mesothelioma. 
If the compilation of your tax return is carried out by an accountant, the CAF or another professional, you can communicate to donate the 5x1000 to the Buzzi Unicem Foundation.

With your 5x1000 you help the Buzzi Unicem Foundation to make a difference.