Mario Negri Institute Oncology Department

The Mario Negri Institute’s Oncology Department conducts research on mesothelioma with the goal of identifying new drugs and new drug combinations that are more effective than the standard treatments used, and which could increase survival and the quality of life of patients suffering from this disease.
The department has been collaborating with the Buzzi Foundation for several years, and has received donations that have covered part of the costs of projects in the following areas:

1) Design, coordination and monitoring of clinical trials, results analysis and translational clinical research studies (supervisor: Dr Valter Torri, Head of the Clinical Research Methodology laboratory).

2) Development and characterization of preclinical study models and the study of new drugs and new combinations (supervisor: Dr. Roberta Frapolli, Head of Preclinical Experimental Therapies Unit).

3) Molecular characterization of the genome and transcriptome of human mesotheliomas (supervisor: Dr Sergio Marchini, Head of the Translational Genomics Unit).